Innovate SCV 2018 - SBDC Workshops

Join the SBDC in their series of workshops during Innovate SCV to learn more about how you can be an effective entrepreneur with your business.

11/6 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Some are entrepreneurs or naturally entrepreneurial. The Entrepreneurship Series is an opportunity to explore the “entrepreneur in you”. The featured one-hour session will highlight entrepreneurship as an option to generate income and cash flow, and provide steps to start a formal business.

Participants will also be introduced to resources to help take the next step in starting or growing your business, or transitioning from current activity into a formal business including the areas below:

• Learn the Steps from Business Idea to Business Launch

• Identify Business Structures

• Discuss Key Marketing, Sales and Financial Issues


11/9 - Marketing Basics and Social Media

More small businesses and non-profits than ever are turning to social media to generate new business and connect with customers. There is no doubt that social media has become an essential marketing tool, but many small businesses are not taking full advantage of its potential. Learn how small businesses can better leverage social media networks to create new opportunities and reach customers. This session will provide social media strategies to grow traffic and increase sales for your business. In this introductory session, we cover strategies and best practices to get the most out of your social media activities, including:

•What social media marketing really is and why use it

•Introduction to social media channels and how to evaluate what’s right for your business or organization

•How small businesses are using these low-cost tools to gain visibility, develop relationships and drive sales and response

•How to create valuable content for your social media marketing campaigns and time management

•How to balance social media marketing with email marketing and your other marketing efforts. Plus, we will take a deeper look at what’s new and how it can be used to promote your business or non-profit. We will discuss best practices and show you real-world examples of how others are using this exciting marketing platform to stay top of mind with their audience.


11/13 - Take Control of Your Business - The Power of Financials

Learn how to take control of your business through the power of financials.  Financials can be used to empower you and positively impact your business.  Examples will be shared where warning signs were glaring in the financials, but business owners could not spot the warning signs.
You will have the knowledge and tools to apply in your business.  Financial statements convey a story about a business.  You will learn how to interpret and understand the financials, define Metrics and set-up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


11/15 - Finding Funding

The session will highlight financing options for small business including alternative lenders, crowd funding, merchant services, suppliers, investors, etc.


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Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 12:00pm

Santa Clarita Business Incubator
22704 9th Street Santa Clarita, CA 91321


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