Sunday, January 15

Ventura County Certified Farmers Market

The VCCFMA markets bring you the freshest, local fruits, vegetables, bakery items, eggs, nuts, honey, potted plants and cut flowers, all at the peak of...

Rembrandt Perfected presented by Noisivision Studios in Association with Olive Branch Theatricals

PARIS, 1839. Scenic artist Louis Daguerre — whose daguerreotype would usher in the new world of photography — and American telegraph inventor Samuel Morse...

Rembrandt Perfected, A World Premiere

An 1839 meeting between Louis Daguerre and Samuel Morse turns into a wild scheme to identify the first human ever depicted in a photograph

The Edwards Twins

Remember all the wonderful Variety shows we all grew up on in the 70’s & 80’s? Now is your chance to see them live and re-created by Las Vegas’ number one...

Sunday, January 15